Spring has Sprung!

I’ve been getting my house in order so to speak. I’ve been throwing away things I found I didn’t like after all and
collecting and organizing the things I did. I’ve been evaluating how valuable my time is as a gamer but also as a
wife and mother.  My first duty and dedication will always be to my family.

And I imagine, as I approach my second anniversary as a Twitch streamer, that I will always be posting something about how I am changing my schedule.  Heck, I’ll be doing that in about 6 weeks again!  The kids get out of school.

So for now here is the schedule:

  • Sunday — Stories with Scrappy 2pm
  • Monday — Bless Online or New Game Noon
  • Tuesday — SWTOR 8pm
  • Wednesday — Hearthstone 12pm
  • Thursday — SWTOR 8pm
  • Friday — Day Off
  • Saturday — DA:O or PvP Shenanigans

Funny thing about Saturday Shenanigans – My son’s friends have been bugging me about the next time I plan on doing Fortnite. While I’m not a fan of the game, I think it totally hilarious that #1) they’ve been bugging ME to play, and #2) that they really do want to play with an old lady like me.

So to sum up – New Schedule, forced into PvP by my son, and its coming up on my 2nd Twitch Anniversary in May!!

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