So you’re a noob . . .

so you're a noob

A Star Wars: The Old Republic noob that is.  If there’s anything in this world that I know how to do, that is to start new characters.  I’m an unashamed altoholic which means that I’ve done the starter planets in SWTOR plenty of times.

When I first started streaming, I made some instructional videos of the type I’m talking about, but they were seriously bad.  I think they may still be on my YouTube channel, if you like’d to see.  Now that I’ve gotten a little better at streaming and the services that Twitch and YouTube offer are better, I’m redoing those introduction videos.

The videos shows people that are either interested in trying SWTOR or want to come back before Onslaught the most efficient ways of getting through the quests, and gearing and leveling your character.

My plan originally was to just play from my subscriber account, but I think instead I will play from a free account so that you can see what you get when you play from an absolutely free account, and not a Preferred or Subscriber  account.

Starting Monday, July 8th, we’ll start with the Jedi planet Tython, home of the Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight on the Satele Shan server.  The Jedi Consular was my very first toon in SWTOR and so it seems appropriate to start off here.

Then on Tuesday, I’ll be back to playing my cute little conjurer in Final Fantasy XIV.


Stories with Scrappy – Sundays at 2pm MST

We’re most of the way through The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey! 

Jaxom and Ruth have finally flown their first Fall but Jaxom falls seriously ill.  It keeps him on the Southern Continent.  He finds mystery and a new love, Sharra.  Will he be able to solve the mystery?

Humble Bundle Focus

Discover a new fantasy or science fiction series and help charity it at the same time.  This week’s Humble Bundle is Start a New Series, featuring the following books and their authors:

Any bundles purchased through my link is benefiting local charitable cosplay group:

This bundle is available until:  07/17/2019

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