Sweetwater – Part 15

It’s Release Day!  Phillip and Anna have been on their first date ever! (Unless you count to the trip to the hospital which really doesn’t, but they almost kissed, right?)  Now it’s time for Date #2.  We’re now heading into that period of a couple’s relationship where they start learning important things about each other, and they find out things about the other that will be important later on in the story.

A Copy of the Whole Picture Referenced in the Story

This is also an important part of the story because we’re starting to see the formation of their individual character arcs.  These are what tells us their individual stories and what they are learning from the experience, but also why we root for those characters so much.

Tell me – what has been your favorite part of Sweetwater so far?  Who are you rooting for the most?

You can post your answer to my Twitter feed HERE or you can comment it on Part 15 of Sweetwater HERE.  Or both, I’m not here to judge!

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