Sweetwater – 16, 17, 18S

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Sweetwater is growing and increasing in pace and now we’re starting to find out what a relationship could be between Anna and Phillip.  But now we’re going to see how adding Anna’s kids to the mix could change that dynamic.

Sweetwater 16 – It’s Christmas time!  Anna debates whether it’s time to introduce the kids and has to spend a Christmas without Phillip!

Sweetwater 17 – Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like tickets to a Muse concert.  Phillip gets first hand knowledge of trying a negotiate a wheelchair in public and deal with his anxiety with crowds.

Sweetwater 18 – It’s time to reunite Phillip and the kids.  But things don’t go necessarily to plan.  Find out how it goes!

Sweetwater 19 should be released this Saturday, November 16th so be on the look out.


NaNoWriMo 2019

It was a very slow start but I’m determined to catch up.  Follow my Instagram account for the latest word counts!

Thank You for the Spooky Fun!

I just wanted to send out a ‘thank you’ to everyone who showed up for my Halloween Bash.  We had so much fun!  I gave away some games!  We listened to rocking tunes, and I asked either too hard or too easy trivia questions.  Let’s do it again at Christmas!


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